Connecticut Roll Over Accident Attorney

roll over accident lawyer

If you or a loved one has been in a roll-over accident, then you should not delay in securing the services of a qualified auto accident attorney. Roll-over accidents require zealous representation to ensure you receive the full amount of compensation due to you.

Some vehicles are more susceptible to roll-over accidents than others, including sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that have a high center of gravity. Manufacturing or engineering design defects can also greatly increase the risk of a roll-over crash. Rain or bad weather may make it difficult to negotiate sharp turns or control emergency maneuvers, leading to a roll-over accident. Finally, vehicle safety- belts that are not operating at the highest degree of efficiency may be unable to adequately restrain passengers during the course of the roll-over accident. Since seat belts are the best line of protection against death in a roll-over accident, seat belt failure can result in serious injury or death.

After a roll-over crash, extensive research can reveal exactly how it occurred. An accident reconstructionist can help recreate the accident to analyze its triggers. Also, the previous history of the vehicle or similar makes and models – known to car manufacturers – is often relevant in a roll-over case. While car and truck manufacturers have made many design changes over the years to address known roll-over risks, many vehicles with higher susceptibility to roll-over risks still occupy our roadways. The Kocian Law Group’s legal professionals are trained in the representation of victims of roll-over accidents. If you hire a member of the Kocian Law Group to assist you with your claim for damages in connection with a roll-over accident, you can be assured that we will represent you with careful attention to every step of the process, including:

  • Thoroughly preparing your case and gathering all necessary evidence to present your claim
  • Working closely with appropriate experts to reconstruct and analyze your roll-over accident
  • Identifying all parties whose negligence may be responsible for your crash

In roll-over accidents, careful attention must also be paid to the crashworthiness of the vehicle’s roof. If the roof is crumpled in the crash, the vehicle’s occupants may not survive. Those who do survive may suffer permanent injuries including traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Passengers may also be thrown from the vehicle during a roll-over crash and can sustain traumatic life-threatening injuries.

You should not delay in contacting an experienced law firm if you have been involved in a roll-over accident. The experienced roll-over accident attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can help.