Connecticut Hit & Run Accident Attorney

hit and run accident lawyer

Nationwide, “hit and run” accidents make up about 11 percent of all auto accidents. After a “hit and run” driver flees the scene of the accident, the unfortunate victim is left to bear the full burden of the consequences, which may include vehicle damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability. The “hit and run” driver may flee the scene of the accident to avoid responsibility for the accident or to avoid other legal responsibilities, including penalties for driving without a license or for driving without insurance.

If you suffer a “hit and run” vehicle accident, it is important to immediately document the “hit and run” accident by reporting the accident to police and seeking medical care. An immediate police response can sometimes lead to apprehension of the “hit and run” driver. Police can also document the evidence at the scene which may be helpful in proving the cause of the accident. The legal team at the Kocian Law Group is experienced at handling “hit and run” motorist claims. Our CT car accident attorneys can explain your legal options for obtaining full compensation for your injuries and damages and help you pursue those options. In many cases, we can help get your vehicle repaired or replaced.

Maximizing your Recovery after a Hit and Run Accident 

In some cases, you may obtain full damages for a “hit and run”. If you are hit and the other driver leaves the scene of the accident before you can determine the driver’s identity, attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can pursue your claims vigorously. Although some people seek to evade responsibility after causing serious injury or death, our laws protect injured people against this contingency, and most insurance policies provide coverage for “hit and run” cases. The first step is to report the loss to the local police so that the events can be documented as fully as possible. Thereafter, you can pursue one or more claims to preserve your legal rights. Kocian Law Group has handled numerous similar cases and can help you if you have been the victim of a “hit and run” accident.

Force and Run Claims

In some “hit and run” cases, your vehicle is not actually hit by another vehicle, but is forced off the road by another driver’s actions. Insurance policies are generally required to cover these accidents just as they would a hit and run involving a collision, but these cases are more challenging to prosecute. The insurance carriers invariably contest a ” force and run” claim by arguing that there is no evidence of another vehicle’s responsibility for your accident. Therefore, early investigation and preservation of such claims is even more important in these “force and run” cases. In a “force and run” case, you may have taken the emergency measures necessary to avoid a collision with a negligent driver, only to have been forced off the road into a collision with a tree, a structure, or another vehicle. Kocian Law Group can help you in such a case.

Remember – – even if you are not hit but are forced off the road or into a stationary object or other vehicle by another driver, we can pursue your claims. Under all of these circumstances, our legal fee is contingent on our success – there is no legal fee unless we recover damages for you.

Many people assume they do not have a claim if the other driver leaves the scene or if they are forced off the road, yet such claims are viable and are handled routinely by the Kocian Law Group.