Connecticut Force & Run Accident Attorney

force and run accident lawyer

Automobile accidents involving hit and run drivers occur far too often in Connecticut. Many drivers try to evade responsibility for their actions or fear any police contact. In some cases, the hit and run driver might not actually make contact with your vehicle or the vehicle of another. For example, a vehicle might suddenly swerve into the oncoming lane, causing an oncoming vehicle to swerve away and hit a telephone pole or other object. There might be no contact between the vehicles. If the first vehicle then left the scene without stopping, the accident would be known as a “force and run” case.

Many Connecticut drivers are surprised to learn that “force and run” claims are legally recognizable claims and that victims of force and run accidents can successfully recover compensation for their injuries. At the Kocian Law Group, we can sit down with you and discuss the merits of your ‘force and run’ case. We can explain how we will obtain a recovery for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life’s activities, and compensation for any permanent injuries. In many cases, we can assist with obtaining payments to help you repair or replace a damaged vehicle. Kocian Law Group attorneys have decades of combined experience analyzing force and run claims. Whether you choose to file an insurance claim, pursue a court case, or both, our skilled attorneys can help you obtain payment for all associated medical bills, damages, and lost wages.

Steps to Take after a Force and Run Accident

If you are forced off the road or are involved in an accident due to a force and run vehicle, it is important to report the accident to police. In fact, many insurance policies require a police report in order to document the occurrence. If at all possible, you should summon police to the accident scene and report the involvement of the force and run vehicle immediately following the accident. This ensures that police can attempt to locate the offending vehicle and that you have met the insurance requirement to file a police report. Reporting the matter to police helps preserve your claim from the start. After you seek out necessary medical treatment, it is also important to secure legal help. The attorneys at the Kocian Law Group can act to document your claim early with the appropriate insurer, interview any witnesses, and conduct a timely and appropriate investigation.

When a victim is forced off the roadway at full speed, the injuries inflicted may be severe. Collisions with guardrails, utility poles, and rollover accidents are common in force and run cases. In many instances, vehicles are totaled, leaving victims to absorb the cost of the vehicle damage as well as the costs of medical care. Finally, the offending force and run vehicles are rarely found, given that the force and run vehicle is usually undamaged and able to leave the scene quickly. The CT car accident attorneys at the Kocian Law Group are skilled at presenting your force and run claim to the appropriate insurance company and, if necessary, to a trier of fact in court.