Law School Internship Program

Q & A:

Law School Internship Program

How many law school interns does Kocian Law Group accept each year?

We typically accept 2 to 3 interns per office location but it varies from year to year with the firm’s needs.

What qualifications do you look for law school interns?

We look for relevant work experience, academic success and a breadth of personal experience. Evidence of a strong interest in litigation is also desired.

What type of work will I do?

We give our law school interns meaningful work in the areas of law for which the law firm provides services. Law school interns are often are deciding what area of law they enjoy, so we assign a variety of projects to foster a comprehensive understanding of the legal services offered by Kocian Law Group.

Will I have a mentor?

Each law school intern is assigned a mentor who helps ensure they receive challenging assignments and provides necessary guidance but projects come directly from our attorneys.

How do evaluations work?

Our law school interns receive feedback on their work directly from the attorneys with whom they work, and also receive status and performance reviews from their mentors.

What social activities do you plan?

Social events represent the varied interests of the law firm. Kocian Law Group events have included the law firm’s outing to see the New Britain Rock Cats play baseball (in the firm’s luxury suite at the ball park), firm parties at the XL Center (formerly the Hartford Civic Center) to view professional hockey, annual year end firm holiday parties (i.e. – East Side German themed restaurant, McLadden’s Irish Pub and other similar localities) and informal gatherings at local fine restaurants to enjoy the best that Connecticut has to offer by way of fine food and spirits.

What may my future benefits be from joining KLG’s internship program?

The law firm welcomes interns fully recognizing that law school students are our country’s future lawyers. As such, exceptional interns may be offered an associate attorney position at Kocian Law Group upon successful completion of law school and passing the bar examination. Other beneficial outcomes for law school interns will be the providing of useful letters of recommendation in order to assist the successful intern in obtaining future employment in the legal field.

What is your dress code?

Kocian Law Group has a business professional dress code.

Participating in our law school internship program is an excellent introduction to the practice of law. Law school students may be included in negotiation sessions, client conferences, depositions and trials (when available).  They are also taught and actively involved in the administrative aspects of practicing law including procedures, file organization, record reviews and case presentations. Further, law school students are also given the opportunity (with the overview of their assigned Attorney mentor at Kocian Law Group) to draft settlement demands on files they may be assigned during their tenure at Kocian Law Group. Throughout the year Kocian Law Group also hosts a variety of social activities to get to know one another and provide fun outings coupled with networking opportunities.