Connecticut Commercial Lease Lawyers - Kocian Law Group

A commercial lease is typically a long-term binding contract. Any time you sign a lease, you put yourself and your business on the line. For both landlords and business owners, a commercial lease represents a large commitment. Therefore, competent legal counsel is vital. Kocian Law Group can protect you and your interests.

Commercial leases are often more complex than residential leases. They don't carry the same consumer protections that a residential lease does. For example, unlike residential leases, commercial leases don't carry rules for a tenant's privacy. Additionally, security deposits are typically not limited by law.

Moreover, commercial leases are generally more diverse than residential leases. Landlords have extra incentive to make concessions for business owners, as commercial leases generate more revenue than residential leases.

Business owners and landlords must form an agreement that serves the needs of both parties. Review these 10 factors to consider when negotiating a lease.