Estate Planning/Probate


Law Group has successfully helped families protect their loved ones through proper estate planning for more than 25 years.

At the Kocian Law Group we understand how difficult, emotional, and time-consuming it can be making one’s final preparations and distributing a lifetime of important and valuable possessions. When the time has come, and you are ready to memorialize your final wishes, contact our office for a no-obligation, confidential consultation.

From the moment you meet with our caring and understanding professionals, we will set your mind at ease.  Kocian Law Group believes that every person, no matter what their financial situation may be, needs a last will and testament to protect their assets and wealth, and to ensure that their most important possessions pass to those that they care about most.  For that reason, Kocian Law Group has reduced its fees in wills, trusts and estates matters.

At Kocian Law Group we believe that proper planning memorializing your final wishes will help your loved ones during a trying and difficult time.  We can help you with the following matters:

Our wills, trusts, and estates attorneys will work with you to make your final plans a reality.  We do not believe that wills can be properly executed with a “one size fits all” mentality.  Each of our clients is a unique person with unique needs.  From your wealth, to your possessions, cars, homes and collectibles, our experienced wills, trusts, and estates attorneys will handcraft your last will and testament to your precise specifications.  Our staff is also available to assist in the execution of your last will and testament, living will and the creation of your health care agent.

Our wills, trusts, and estates attorney will inquire into your financial situation, your family history, possessions, bank accounts, business property, personal property, collectables, life insurance and other holdings.  We will discuss the creation of trusts and guardianships to protect both your children and your assets.  Furthermore, we can help to ensure your final resting place, or disposition of your remains, even your wake, occurs in the manner of your choosing.

At Kocian Law Group we pride ourselves on making your last wishes a reality, and if your family needs assistance with probate court, our attorneys will remain ready, willing, and able to assist with the same care, consideration, and professionalism that we have shown you.  We welcome your surviving family members to return to Kocian Law Group and the relationships that we have built with the probate courts throughout Connecticut helps to ensure your final wishes are honored.

We take the steps necessary to help ensure your beneficiaries do not contest your will, but rest assured that if they do, we are prepared to assist your executor in his or her duties, if need be.  We are ready, willing, and able to fight to preserve the integrity of your last wishes and the final distribution of your assets, personal property and real property.


While it may not be the most fun task, creating end-of-life documentation is necessary. Contact the wills, trusts and estate attorneys at Kocian Law Group to begin immediately. Schedule a consultation online, or by calling our firm: 1-860-730-6100.