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Providing legal representation in landlord tenant matters for more than a quarter of a century, Kocian Law Group has successfully handled numerous housing claims. We represent both landlords and tenants, which creates a unique and comprehensive view of the issues that arise and how to solve those issues in a cost effective way. Our team can understand the dispute from both sides.

Both sides in a housing matter need to be aware that once the matter reaches housing court there are very short deadlines that, if missed, will result in serious consequences. In some circumstances a legal reply is required in only three days before the court takes action. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is imperative that you contact Kocian Law Group immediately, as your rights can disappear in a matter of a couple of days if proper legal action is not taken.

Contacting Kocian Law Group at the first sign of a dispute or issue may also prevent having to go to housing court. Often we can work to solve the problem without going to court. Having your lease reviewed by us is also highly recommended because with our battle tested experience we can spot potential issues before they become a problem.

The two most commonly encountered landlord-tenant issues handled by Kocian Law Group, are evictions and summary process.

For Landlords and Tenants

Kocian Law Group is aware that for landlord’s “time is money.” If an eviction is necessary it is imperative that the legal documents be completed error-free and filed in a proper and timely manner. It is not unusual that one small mistake can result in a dismissal of the case, thereby causing delay and creating more work necessary to successfully evict your tenant(s).

Eviction is just one part of the process. It is important to remember that with an eviction the housing court deals with possession of the premises not collection of the past due rent. A separate legal action in either small claims court or Superior Court is required to collect the sums you are owed. At Kocian Law Group, we will explain all of your legal options and assist you in collecting what you are owed.

For Tenants

As a tenant it is most important that you understand your rights and options. Much of Connecticut law has been written to protect you from unreasonable landlords and to protect you from harmful and dangerous conditions. There are procedures to use when a landlord refuses to fix items in your apartment in a timely manner. When you move you want your security deposit returned. At Kocian Law Group, we can advise you how to proceed when your landlord refuses. Our goal is to protect your legal rights and make sure you are treated fairly by your landlord and the court.

Commercial Property

Commercial Leases present entirely different and unique laws applicable only to business owners and their landlords. Commercial leases are typically for extended periods of time and sometimes even contain options for the purchase of the property.

If you are a landlord or a tenant you need to have us on your side before the lease is signed. Many, if not all, provisions of a commercial lease are negotiable. We take pride in working hard to make sure you make the best deal possible and most importantly that you understand the lease you are signing. In commercial matters long term interests are often the focus of the deal. Often a tenant will either make tenant improvements or, conversely, have the improvements made by the landlord (sometimes referred to as a “turn- key” lease because all the tenant needs to do is “turn the key” as the build has been done by the landlord). In either event, the tenant or the landlord has made the improvements with the reasonable expectation that their investment will yield proper returns for their business or home life.

When substantial time, money and effort is put into creating a successful business environment issues such as exclusivity for the business, visual rights to see the premises (not being blocked by another future business permitted by the landlord) and, in some cases, options to purchase the property become significant legal concerns. To protect your legal rights you need a law firm that will preserve your legal rights and give your business the best chance for success. Kocian Law Group provides these services.

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