Slip & Fall Accidents

A "slip and fall" accident causes injuries when a person slips and falls due to a dangerous and/or hazardous condition on property. A slip-related injury can also happen without a fall. For instance, when someone slips or trips on a defective floor and unnaturally contorts his or her body, a twisting or "torsion" injury can result.

If you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall accident, it is critical that you obtain qualified legal representation. Insurance companies and property owners fight slip and fall cases vigorously. Common arguments against your recovery include the assertion that the slip and fall occurred due to your own carelessness and negligence. An insurer or property owner may argue that you should have been more watchful of your surroundings and that your failure to pay attention caused your accident. Falls often occur for a variety of reasons, including potholes, uneven sidewalks, wet or slippery flooring, loose rugs, missing steps in a stairway, inadequate lighting in a parking lot or stairway, or icy or slick walkways.

Slip and fall injury claims are typically based on negligence. Owners and possessors of property owe a duty of reasonable care to invitees or visitors to make sure that their premises are safe. The injured party also has an obligation to not commit negligence. In the event that the injured party fails to use reasonable care regarding his/her own safety, this may diminish or eliminate his/her right to recovery.

Steps to Take after a Slip and Fall Accident

If you or a loved one suffers a slip and fall accident, it is wise to take photographs of the defective condition. Often you can use your cell phone to capture images of the location and condition that caused you to slip and fall.

If possible, document the incident by having a report completed by the owner or tenant in possession of the property. It is especially important in a business venue to document with a business representative that you have fallen. While many people are embarrassed by a fall and just want to leave the area quietly, taking the time to fill out a report and point out the defect to the store or property owner can preserve important legal rights. The landowner or store will likely make a report and take photographic evidence of the area in which you fell. However, be aware that store representatives are often trained in "risk management" procedures to protect the store when such incidents occur. They will often use the opportunity to question you carefully about how you may have been negligent in causing your own fall. You should not admit that you may have been totally or partly responsible for your fall. Instead, you should candidly tell the store about the fall in order to put staff on notice of the claim. In some instances, you may wish to postpone making a report; if your injuries are severe, your main priority should be to obtain necessary medical assistance following a fall.

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