Connecticut Attorneys Handling Difficult Child Custody Matters

There is a reason that divorces involving children are often far more contentious than divorces where child custody is not an issue. Not only is child custody contentious, it is frequently very emotional. Parents sometimes use the children as weapons in the divorce process. Others may try to influence the children to dislike the other parent. In short, divorces involving disputed child custody can be extremely challenging. That is why it is so important to have a custody lawyer you can trust to help you protect your children.

Our Approach to Child Custody Issues

Our law firm is more than just convenient. Our legal team is dedicated to providing clients with creative solutions to their child custody problems. We are committed to giving clients representation that fits their needs and their situations. If the other side is creating unnecessary problems for a client, we are aggressive and fight back. If the divorce is creating pain and sadness, we are sympathetic. Above all, we make the best interests of your children our primary goal.

Our law firm handles any issue related to child custody. This includes matters such as:

  • Relocation (leaving the area after custody and visitation are established)
  • Modifications (changes to settled custody orders)
  • Visitation (determines when each parent sees the child)
  • Paternity

Whatever your concern related to the custody of your children, we can help. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or need to change your existing orders, you can count on Kocian Law Group.

A Conveniently Located Law Firm

With four offices in Connecticut, and one office in New York, Kocian Law Group represents clients throughout Connecticut. To discuss any issue related to the custody of your children, call Kocian Law Group to schedule a FREE consultation.