KLG Client Testimonials:

The Kocian Law Group, specifically, Attorney Kocian and Attorney Rothman, set out to help me with my case with the intention of a settlement since the first day that I met with both of them. Their knowledge of law was phenomenal. They have me their personal attention every time I met with them at the office or anytime I spoke with them on the phone. They were always professional and they constantly kept me informed of my case. I was very impressed and happy with the outcome. I will definitely refer them to my friends and family. Raymond A. 11/16/16

This was my first experience working with an attorney and it was a positive one. Attorney Meltsner was courteous and professional at all times. He always returned my calls and kept me informed of my case. Debra R. 11/13/16

I am very grateful to the Kocian Law Group. I appreciate the attention, the professionalism, the knowledge and the kindness provided during my case. I am very satisfied. Virgen S. 11/01/16

Kocian Law Group worked really well for my case. I am very happy with the end results. Janet C. 11/01/16

I love this law firm. They are fast and get the job done. Great staff and lawyers. They get results! Gretchen G. 10/31/16

Great lawyers and great staff. I will continue to have my legal services done here. Jeanette P. 10/28/16

This law firm was very attentive with all my needs. They made sure that I got all the medical attention I needed and also made sure that we would win the case. Maritza T. 10/19/16

The Kocian Law Group did an excellent job! Jeanie A. 10/18/16

Kocian Law Group was absolutely great to work with. Everything was left in their hands and they successfully took care of all of my needs. Thank you. Shantel F. 10/17/16

It has been a pleasure to have had the Kocian Law Group as my son's lawyer. Not only are they good lawyers but you are all very caring. They always cared about my son's improvement. I appreciate the fact that they took time to make sure that he was better. Yandel O. 09/23/16

Kocian Law Group did a great job with our lawsuit! From the very beginning, Nick and Jackson explained the process we would go through. They gave us all the information and with great detail explained each step of our case. Nick was also very knowledgeable about the type of injury I sustained and he always made timely suggestions. We were kept informed as the case proceeded. When a settlement was finally reached, we were very happy and surprised by the results. Go KLG! Jeanne B. 09/21/16

Attorney Nick Kocian was in the hospital by my side, at my request, just days after my car accident. I was struck by a truck while crossing an intersection. Witnesses, the owner of the car and even some experts said it was my fault. They tried to disregard the multiple injuries the accident caused me even making me pay a ticket. Despite all of this Attorney Kocian stood up for me. He fought for me. I fought to get my life back. He fought to get me back what they cost me. He darn sure did that and more. He always checked on me and actually cared. He is forever appreciated. Thank you Kocian Law! Liandra R. 09/16/16

I first wanted to say thank you to the law office personally for the hard work that was provided and for treating me with respect. I would definitely refer this law firm to any friends or family members. I really appreciate everything that you guys did for me. Thank You! Victor M. 09/08/16

I am thankful for all the guidance and communication to have gotten this far. Thankful for all the countless communications we have had. I am appreciative of your firm's time on my case. Kocian Law Group was very helpful with getting approvals from workers' compensation for therapy. Our time was brief but I am very thankful for all your work. I will miss you guys. Gabby, you rock! Dawn W. 09/01/16

Kocian Law Group was very helpful and knowledgeable. They said everything they were going to do and carried through with their word. I would recommend tis law group to family and friends. Thank you! Austin Z. 08/17/16

You guys are wonderful and easy to work with! Tanya S. 08/19/16

This has been a long journey for me. As you are aware, my first attorney was suspended which left me in the dark where I was pro se for quite some time and it had become complicated. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was referred to your office. It was a pleasure working with all the staff I came across. The receptionist was very pleasant and helped me at all times as needed. The paralegal and attorney handling my case were extremely organized and kept me up to date with the status of my case. They paid a lot of attention to my case. You could tell that they are sincere to each individually despite their caseload. I am grateful that I had the pleasure of working with the staff and would surely use them in the future. I will recommend you to others. Thanks again! Eric B. 08/03/16

I highly appreciate everything Attorney Perito did for me. I am glad he was my lawyer. He gave me all the attention I needed. I was always provided a very fast response. They have great organization skills and knowledge of the law. The personal attention and professionalism provided is great and excellent. They kept me informed of all the work being done and I am very happy with the results. Thank you and I will recommend you! Jamil S. 08/02/16

Attorney Perito was very gracious and reasonable in providing information and mitigating expectations. He managed any questions, concerns and fears I had in a balanced and compassionate manner, ensuring I understood the nature of the lawsuit. Noelle G. 07/14/16

Kocian Law Group is great! They did all they could do in their power to take care of my case and I know that I can trust them. I will come back if I need them again. Krishna M. 07/12/16

Excellent service! I would use them again if needed for any future issues. Kocian Law Group staff is kind and respectful. I will continue to recommend them to anyone in need. Thank you for everything! Maria L. 07/12/16

I have made the Kocian Law Group my go to law firm. I feel confident in their abilities and would not only use them again if needed but I would also refer them to other people in need. The case was successful as I expected it to be. I always felt as if the lawyers personally knew us as they always addressed us by name. Yawanda E. 07/11/16

Kocian Law Group has been a blessing helping me with my case. The have great knowledge which gave me assurance that they knew what they were doing. I was also kept up to date and if I had any other questions they would answer with no issue. Kocian Law Group was great to work with and I would recommend a friend. Nicole C. 07/07/16

As a client of the Kocian Law Group, I was very satisfied with my attorney's hard work and great communication with me. During my workers' compensation case, the attorney always kept me informed of everything. I was always able to contact him with any troubles I had. I would recommend the Kocian Law Group to everyone I know. Thanks for your support Kocian Law Group! Sage D. 06/21/16

In my opinion, I feel like you handled everything well. I can say that the outcome of my case was handled with absolute caution. They brought me to the best care and made sure they kept in contact with me through everything. Overall, I'll keep the Kocian Law Group in mind for any future problems. Crystal M. 06/15/16

I am very satisfied with the Kocian Law Group. They gave me 100% attention. They were always there when I needed them. To me, everything was perfect! Damian R. 06.08.16

I was very impressed with the service and knowledge of the firm. Personal attention was a first priority and all of my questions were always answered. I am very happy with the result of my case. Julia A. 06/06/16

I highly appreciate the Kocian Law Group. Attorney Eric Schoenberg did everything in his power to make sure I got all the right treatment for my injuries caused by the accident. Thanks to the Kocian Law Group my back feels a lot better and I am able to go to work with no problems. I would suggest you to any future persons in need of a lawyer. I am sincerely thankful. Charna M. 05/31/16

I really appreciate all of your help in my case. You did a wonderful job. God Bless you! Brunilda B. 05/25/16

I believe this case was handled in a timely manner and my daughter is happy with the decision made. Wildaisy L. 05/20/16

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was the best experience I've received from any other law firm, outside company, etc. The case process was handled professionally with little to no assistance from me. I will refer all my friends and family to the Kocian Law Group. Travis H. 05/18/16

My experience as a client of Adam D. Meltsner at the Kocian Law Group has been beyond satisfactory standards. I highly recommend the Kocian Law Group for any information or dispute. I was always informed and updated on any progress in my case. I was always called and confirmed for my appointments. I was also always able to call and ask any questions I had regarding my case. If I needed advice on something different, I would always get an answer with no problem. My lawyer and his staff were all great! Kocian Law Group is the way to go! Joseph D. 05/11/16

My experience at the Kocian Law Group was very good. I am pleased with the service. I would recommend them to anyone. They make you feel like you are a part of the family. They are kind and caring. Edward A. 05/03/16

My experience her at the Kocian Law Group was a great experience. It is my first time going through a procedure like this and I think that the service was excellent. The here is friendly and polite. They kept me informed every step of the way in a timely manner. The result from my lawsuit was acceptable and I appreciate it. I would recommend someone to this law group because I know they will get value for their money and professional service. Kerry-Ann A. 05/03/16

Kocian Law Group provided quick feedback on my case. They were very professional while handling my case & helped me through the medical treatment I was receiving. Claire N. 03/28/16

Very happy with all of your staff. You are all very professional from Yazmin to Mike. You were always there even when I needed to just vent. I wish I would have started my case with you originally. Elaine G. 3/25/16

Great service! So far I am very pleased. Jacob M. 03/24/16

The experience we had was great. Everyone we came into contact with was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I understood every aspect of what was going on. Mirzet S. 03/24/16

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was very good. They kept on fighting for me and didn't give up. They were always polite. I'm happy with the service. Rosemarie R. 03/21/16

Kocian Law Group did an excellent job. They did not stop until I received more money than they did. Elton G. 03/16/16

I am very happy with my overall experience with the Kocian Law Group. They are terrific and give undivided attention to every piece of the case. They are very professional in all aspects and know every bit of the law. They return phone calls very quickly and keep you updated about your case. I will continue to use them in my future. Geeta S. 03/09/16

The lawyers at the Kocian Law Group were very kind and professional during the process of my case. They were also very understanding with communication problems I had. I am happy with the result and will recommend this law firm to others. They know very well what they are doing. Gavin G. 02/29/16

Attorney Domenic Perito is amazing! Excellent representation! Nina S. 02/26/16

The attorney was very organized and had full knowledge of my son's case. They took the extra time to make sure my son got what he deserved. I would definitely recommend the Kocian Law Group to my friends and anyone in my family. They kept me up to date and informed throughout the entire case. The outcome was great. Sandrae D. 02/19/16

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was very good and I will use them again in the future for legal cases. I liked all of the lawyers; they were very nice and kind to work with. Linda R. 02/18/16

The Kocian Law Group has excellent organizational skills and knowledge of the law. They are professional and provided me with excellent personal attention by keeping me informed of my case as it proceeded. I refer this law firm to others all the time. It was a pleasure having them represent me. I am very grateful for everything Attorney Adam Meltsner has done for me and my husband. The outcome of my case was more than I though. Thank you Adam! Elizabeth S. 02/11/16

I want to say what a superb job Attorney Adam Meltsner and Michael, the paralegal, did for me. They were always friendly, available and just really great to work with. I would ask for them again if I need legal help. Wendy G. 02/11/16

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was wonderful. They were very professional, yet gave me the personal attention I needed. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Diane B. 02/10/16

I am satisfied with the Kocian Law Group. Mohammed S. 01/28/16

I was very pleased with the professionalism of Attorney Domenic Perito. He was also very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him. Ashan C. 01/05/16

Attorney Adam Meltsner did a wonderful job. I would tell my friends to come to him if they need legal help. Thank you Adam! Melissa R. 12/28/15

Our experience with the Kocian Law Group was very satisfying. Attorney Adam Meltsner worked very hard for us to finish our case. Everyone made us feel comfortable and we are happy that we did this case with them. Thank you! Suada & Mirela M. 12/24/15

Working with Attorney Adam Meltsner was a wonderful experience. He knew what needed to happen and made it happen. Tracey G. 12/23/15

Kocian Law Group offers very good services. They are very professional. My case was solved quickly. Carmen Q. 12/21/15

The Kocian Law Group is very professional and friendly. They always made me feel comfortable. It was easy to have any questions answered. They did a great job. Thank you! Jane T. 12/18/15

I am content with the results the Kocian Law Group obtained for me. I was kept informed about my case during the process and I appreciate the outcome. Robyn C. 12/18/15

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was great. I am very satisfied; they handled my case quick for me. All the people who work there are great. Gary M. 12/11/15

My experience with the Kocian Law Group was highly enjoyable. They are professional. I was treated with respect and like I was family. I would not hesitate to recommend Kocian Law Group to my family and friends. Tom L. 12/07/15

I found the Kocian Law Group to be very knowledgeable. Their personal attention was superb and their professionalism was great. They did an excellent job keeping me informed as my case proceeded and my results were great. I would not hesitate to recommend a friend or family member to this firm. Thank you very much for the hard work, God Bless! Stephaney S. 10/30/15

I was so blessed to be represented by the Kocian Law Group. I was not pressured but instead, treated like a family member. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal help. Linda J. 10/30/15

I think that Attorney Adam Meltsner has done a great job with my child's case. He helped me understand everything and he got everything done. Rosemary P. 10/29/15

The Kocian Law Group is excellent! Selim D. 10/16/15

I am satisfied with how my case was handled. Wendy H. 09/09/15

The Kocian Law Group provided me with excellent services. I would recommend them to anyone. Edward A. 09/02/15

Attorney Adam Meltsner did a great job with my case. Frank S. 09/02/15

Kocian Law Group kept me up to speed on every aspect of my case. They are very professional. Explained everything at all levels of my case. Munir O. 08/20/15

I am very pleased with the services provided by Attorney Eric Schoenberg. He did an awesome job of staying in contact with me as well as getting me the most money I deserved for my case. I would refer him to others in a heartbeat if they were in need of a lawyer. Tiffani S. 08/14/15

I liked the attention that I was given on the case. I liked that Attorney Adam Meltsner always got back to me anytime I had a question. I felt that my case was handled fairly. I would recommend this firm to everyone. Jose O. 08/12/15

Kocian Law Group was great in handling my case. Claire G. 08/07/15

Kocian Law Group's attention and organizational skills are excellent. Jose F. 08/03/15

Kocian Law Group is very good. Josue F. 08/03/15

I was very pleased with all aspects of services from Attorney Domenic Perito and the Kocian Law Group on behalf of my mother's estate. My family and I were unaware of an injury claim prior to my mother's passing away but when we were contacted by Attorney Perito, he put my mind at ease by ensuring that her best interests would be taken care of. I greatly appreciate the personal attention and professionalism throughout this process. I especially appreciate the efficient with which it was handles. Many thanks! Jennifer P. 08/01/15

Although the unfortunate circumstances of being involved in a car accident brought me to the Kocian Law Group, I was blessed to this firm represent me. The office staff was always attentive, professional, prompt and courteous. Due to their thorough knowledge and practice of law, my case was resolved with the best results possible. I offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation. Kelly L. 07/27/15

I was first referred by a close friend. This law firm makes it very convenient and made me feel confident about my case. They are very professional. The staff is helpful and also followed up with me to make sure I was always in the loop. Everything was explained in details and any questions or concerns were answered in a timely manner. The office is private and clean. At times, I felt like I was asking too many questions but I loved the personal attention I received. I love this law firm! Linnette R. 07/25/15

Attorney Adam Meltsner was very helpful. He helped us with all of our questions and /or concerns. He explained everything in detail so we could understand it. If has been a pleasure to be one of his client's and I will definitely come back to see him if needed. I highly recommend him. Thanks Adam! Heather D. 07/24/15

The lawyers at the Kocian Law Group always kept me informed about my case. They have good skills and knowledge of the law. They handle themselves in a professional manner and they always give me good results. I would recommend them to anyone. Icilda W.07/21/15

The Kocian Law Group attorneys are honest and fast. They are not willing to hurry and settle for the first deal, they are willing to go the extra mile. They are professional and make you feel like a person and not like you are just a "number." I am satisfied with representation I received from Adam Meltsner and the Kocian Law Group. William C. 07/13/15

I, Ramon C., am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and performance provided by Attorney Adam Meltsner. I would highly recommend, with no hesitation, his and the Kocian Law Group's services to anyone in need of legal representation. Ramon C. 07/09/15

Kocian Law Group is the best. Thanks. You were Very helpful. Carlos C. 07/09/15

Thank God for giving me good attorneys with secretaries that speak bish. I give thanks to the Kocian Group for everything and may God Bless you all! Angel V. 07/02/15

I like Nick Kocian, he seems honest. I like their prompt service and attitude. The secretary, Gabby, is a wonderful person. Thank you. Damian G. 06/25/15

KLG went above and beyond to help with my personal injury claim. There were several difficult factors in my case and from the very beginning I felt extremely comfortable with their thorough knowledge of how to handle everything. Throughout the process (almost 2 years) they were extremely professional while answering all my questions and addressing concerns promptly. My claim was successful and I'm very happy with the results. I would strongly recommend this firm to friends and family. This firm made a very stressful and difficult process very easy. Thank you to the Kocian Team that worked on my case. Kurt S. 6/16/15

I am very pleased with the services provided by Eric Schoenberg and the rest of the team. I was always kept up to date on the status of my case. Any questions via phone or e-mail were answered promptly. Things were handled professionally at all times. I felt very confident in the information I was given and put full trust in Eric. I knew he always had my best interest in mind. Thank you for everything and am very pleased with the outcome. Briana B. 05/22/15

I'm pleased with the work of the lawyers of the Kocian Law Group. They are very professional and organized. They kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case and I would recommend them to any and everybody. Great job! Walter W. 5/13/15

Thanks for all your hard work. I know it wasn't easy and thanks for sticking up for me and getting results. I will come back in the future if ever needed. Thanks again. Todd D. 5/11/15

I was recently involved in a car accident and hired Nick, who was referred to me by a close friend. This was my first experience involving a lawsuit, and I had no idea what to expect. My main concern was recovering from my injuries, and I did not wish to get involved with the other parties involved in the suit. From the very beginning, Nick assured me that my priority should be getting healthy again, and that he would handle every other aspect. Despite the fact that I did not have a comprehensive knowledge of the law, Nick helped me understand each step of the process through consistent communication. He made himself available to me, answering any questions that I had throughout the process. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and the results Nick was able to deliver. I would highly recommend the Kocian Law Group as a result of their experience, professionalism, and personal attention. Tom C. 5/12/15

At this time I would like to thank the Kocian Law Group for helping me through this tough time. The staff was very professional and polite. They always kept me informed about my case whether it was good or bad. I would also like to thank the team for always staying on top of this job because in the end, the results were great. Thanks again! Rasheeda W. 4/30/15

I would like to say that this was an amazing battle and I thought it wasn't possible but Mr. Kocian and his law firm made it possible. I'm thankful and very much grateful for what an amazing job they all did for me. God bless he firm and everyone there especially my lawyer. Ruth M. 04/23/15

I was very satisfied with the services that the Kocian Law Group provided. I am very grateful for everything. Thank You! Elizabeth D. 4/21/15

This was my first time going through this kind of situation. I was vey pleased with how my lawyer and Kocian staff took care of my situation. With little effort besides giving them my information, I was able to win my case. Thanks again for your hard working team. Oscar J. 4/20/15

I'm glad that Kocian Law Group represented me in this case. Thank you. Hassan H. 4/10/15

Kocian Law Group helped me a lot but from time to time, my back still hurts. Kocian Law Group is a very organized and upscale law group. My personal attention is to make sure me and my son are straight. Kocian is a very professional establishment. I love how they kept me informed as the case proceeded. Christiana T. 3/27/15

I must say I am very satisfied with the services that have been provided for me. I will be happy to recommend anyone to the Kocian Law Group. Thanks so much. It has been my pleasure working with this company. Lissent M. 3/27/15

I am very pleased with results I have received at the Kocian and his staff. I was always able to reach him whenever I needed to speak with him or whenever I had a question that needed to be answered. He was always honest with me as well from the time we first spoke about my incident until we finished case. I will definitely be back if I have any other legal issues. Thanks! Shajuana C. 3/25/15

These individuals are very dedicated and professional.They are hard working professionals. William L. 3/11/15

From the beginning of our search for an attorney to represent us in this case to the end, we have been treated with understanding and professionalism. Kocian Law Group was the only firm that believed we had a case. I was amazed at our second appointment as to how everything was so organized and neatly filed. The administrative staff was ALWAYS friendly and made sure they addressed and met our needs. As the case progressed, we were informed of any new results or changes, always informed if we needed to do or get anything pertinent to the case. While we were a bit upset at the amount of the settlement, we fell Kocian Law Group did their best to obtain the highest settlement possible. Thomas & Francine L. 3/10/15

I have had an excellent relationship with everyone at the Kocian Law Group, especially Attorney Perito. He was always courteous and pleasant. He has my best interest at heart. I will always take my cases to this law group. Over the years it has been nothing but excellent attention from everyone. Thank you! Sharon H. 3/10/15

I felt the service was very professional. My questions and concerns were handled. Thanks for your services. All were wonderful! Carmen W. 3/2/15

Service at Kocian Law was amazing. All questions and concerns were handled professionally and I appreciate the great outstanding service. All letters above, A-E, were successful in this case. Kristy W. 3/2/15

When I arrived at your office, my only prior contact with an attorney was when I bought my house and when I signed my will. I was pleasantly surprised by the personal attention I received. The staff was highly professional but also gave the sincere impression that they cared about me and my concerns. I must have made a least a dozed or more phone calls to the assistant, Gayle, who was really up to date and answered all my questions immediately. The Lawyer who was assigned to my case, Dominic, was a dedicated, very intelligent and charming young man. I felt I could trust him, implicitly the result of my case proved this right. I am happy to report that the case was resolved in my favor. Thank you all so very much. Elizabeth M. 3/2015

At Kocian Law Group I had a great experience. All attorneys who were involved in my case were very organized and always were ready to answer my questions. They give me personal attention and represented me with professionalism during my lawful process. I was always informed with the latest information as the case proceeded. I had great experience with Kocian Law Group and I recommend to all my friends to come to this office if they need legal advice and attention. I had great results at the end of my case. Thank you to all attorneys who attended me during my case. NADIA P. 2/5/15

I am very pleased with the service I was given. Eric has been outstanding regarding his attentiveness on all matters concerned. I have made several recommendations to friends and family. I will do so in the future. I believe that Eric is a huge asset to this firm! STEPHEN C. 1/30/15

I give thanks to the Kocian Law group. The professionalism and personal attention were very good. They kept me informed during the whole duration of my case. The end results were good. Thank You Kocian Law Group! CARMEN R. 12/26/14

I and my wife are very glad that this experience is nearly over. I was very dissatisfied with our original attorney. Attorney Kocian and Dom Perito did a Marvelous job. We are very happy and will be happy to recommend this firm to our friends. Robert & Constance C. 12/15/14

I was very pleased with the service I received from Kocian Law Group. Organizational and knowledge was very high. I did receive a lot of personal attention from both of the paralegal assistants (Sheri + Gabby). They always called me back in a timely manner and kept me very informed about my case. Attorney Perito was very attentive too. He always followed up and even offered phone conference when I was unable to come to his office which was really appreciated. Attorney Perito was very professional. I highly recommend this law firm. ARSHENNA H. 12/14/2014

The service the Kocian Law Group has provided was excellent as always. Whenever my family and I need a good law group that we need to depend on, Kocian is the right man for the job. JUAN J. 12/3/14

I appreciate all that the attorneys have done. I thank everyone for helping and really focusing on doing what was best. Thanks! JESSENIA O. 11/21/14

Kocian Law Group is very good. They did a wonderful job. MILLAWAITE B. 11/18/14

I felt like someone knew what I was going through and supported me 100 %. Kocian kept me informed and I am so happy I came here. I would recommend anyone to do business with Kocian Law Group. I got the result I wanted; therefore I am a very happy customer. Thank you all! JENNIFER P. 11/3/14

I am very happy and content with the whole law firm. They were always attentive to my needs even when I had to drop something off in the office last minute. They were very attentive to my case from beginning to end. I am sincerely satisfied with the law firm and my attorney. If it wasn't for my lawyer, my case would have never moved along. I will always recommend the Kocian Law Group to anyone who is hurt. JOSE B. 10/31/14

Back in 2007, I had a work related injury. I was having trouble with the company's attorney as I was seeking authorization for medical treatment due to my injury. After many calls to the company's attorney, I was having no luck, until I sought professional attention from the Kocian Law Group. I made contact with Attorney Nicholas T. Kocian. I retained this attorney to represent me with my case. I was very pleased with the knowledge of Attorney Kocian in regards to my issues. The professionalism that I received during my experience with Kocian Law Group made my life easier. As my case was heard and the representation of the Kocian Law Firm, all of my work related issues were dealt with due to the personal attention from Attorney Kocian. I was informed many times over the years by the attorney that I hired, Mr. Nicholas T. Kocian along with his professional staff. After the surgery that I needed in regards to my work related injury, my case was settled. I highly recommend this law group; Kocian Law Group. Robert D. 10/29/14

When I first spoke to Nick Kocian, I told him that this would be a tough case and that everything that could go wrong would and it did to the tune. I have never seen anything like this a dozen times. Your firm has been vigilant and courteous throughout my entire case. Starting at the desk, where Gabby has been a joy and a lifesaver through some hard times and Eric, who is professional and never had a doubt. The communication was excellent and my phone calls, the good and the bad, were welcomed. It's been a rough road, real rough, but thanks to you all, I can "repave" and get back on it. Special thanks to Gabby and Eric. KENNETH S. 10/29/14

The Kocian Law Group did an excellent job keeping me informed on the case and they made great process in good time. I felt that whenever I had a question, I could get an answer within 24 hours with no issue. I achieved the results I was looking for only with the help of the Kocian Law Group. I couldn't be more pleased with their services. JEREMY C. 10/24/14

The Kocian Law Group was amazing! They made sure I got the care I needed and were by my side through the entire process. My lawyer was always there to answer my questions or just lend a helping hand. I am very pleased I picked them. I know they worked very hard and always had my best interest at heart. P.S. The front desk staff is great! MELINDA A. 10/23/14

My experience at Kocian Law Group was excellent. Attorney Eric Schoenberg was very knowledgeable, organized and efficient in the handling of my personal injury case. The office staff also went above and beyond when accommodating anything I requested. Attorney Eric Schoenberg was able to settle my case in a reasonable amount of time and with all of my medical bills, personal items, lost wages, and student scholarship being taken care of monetarily. LAURA D. 10/21/14

I just would like to say I was very pleased with the Kocian Law Group. My experience with them has been great. They are very professional and organized. They always kept me informed of my case and made sure I was taken well care of. I have passed their cards out to people I know. I trust them very much. JOHN P. 10/21/14

I have been a client of Attorney Kocian's for many years. He has always taken good care of me and my cases. I am very happy and satisfied with their services. Then handle all my cases professionally and efficiently. This is why I always come back! YESENIA R. 10/16/14

I was so pleased with Kocian Law Group. They were so kind, understanding and very patient. They handled 2 cases for me and each time they were AWESOME. They always made sure I understood what was going on. To me, it almost felt like they were family and the results were always great. They kept me informed of everything. I was and will always be grateful to the law firm. God bless them all even the secretaries are so sweet. Kocian Law Group, you rock! MARY G. 10/16/14

Their knowledge of the law was amazing! They were very helpful to help me find the right kind of doctors to help me get better and healed. They kept me up to date on all that was going on in my case and gave me options through this ordeal. I am very happy with the results with my case and would come back if I needed any legal advice in the future. CANDICE A. 10/10/14

My experience with Kocian law Group was great. Kocian took good care of me and my neck. NESTOR C. 10/8/14 I've been with the Law firm for 18-20 years. I've learned a great deal from this firm and I'm still learning more and more. Thanks Nick for Everything and thanks to Sheri too. Many blessings! Sharon O. 9/17/14

The firm was very professional, thorough and well organized. They are definitely confident and I got updates all the time by both e-mail and phone calls. I have referred many of my friends and family to Kocian because they handled my case so well and were very efficient. I got much more than I expected to get out of my case because of the hard work and determination of the attorney. The office secretaries were wonderful to deal with as well; they were very patient and courteous whenever I called. The paralegal team was also wonderful to deal with, they were always available to update me and answer questions. I am very thankful for Kocian making this situation smooth and as stress free as possible. I drive one hour each way to their office, I will not go anywhere else. Thank you for everything. KATHY B. 9/17/14