Full and Final Stipulations

What is a “full and final stipulation”?

In a Connecticut workers’ compensation case, the phrase “full and final stipulation” describes a settlement, or an agreement between the worker and the insurance company. In order for this settlement to result in payments to the injured worker, specific legal procedures must be set in motion. All of these procedures are part of the full and final stipulation.

Many Kocian Law Group clients tell us that they did not even know a workers’ compensation claim could be settled until they heard it from us. Insurance companies are often content to “close” workers’ compensation cases with no payment to the injured worker. Kocian Law Group attorneys know that a workers’ compensation case remains “open” for the duration of the injured worker’s life – and sometimes even beyond. Injured workers who do not understand how a full and final stipulation works may inadvertently allow an insurance company to retain untold amounts of money – money that could and would have been paid to the injured worker.

Even seemingly small cases have value. Kocian Law Group attorneys have settled cases in workers’ compensation ranging from death, dismemberment, and serious bodily harm, to a cut finger or a case of conjunctivitis or “pinkeye.”  But when an injured worker does not have the necessary information, the value of his or her case may go unrealized.

Do I have to get a full and final stipulation?

A full and final stipulation is not by any means mandatory. At the Kocian Law Group, however, we strive to make that option available to our clients whenever possible.

There is no one “best” time to use a full and final stipulation -- every case is different. One good time to enter into one is after an injured worker has been returned to another line of work and all benefits have been paid. It can be very advantageous to an injured worker to enter into a full and final stipulation at this time, because otherwise, the insurance company may just close the claim with no further payments. Kocian Law Group attorneys can point out the value in such a claim so that money is paid to close the case instead of simply allowing the insurance company to close the case with no further payment.  We can also prepare the documents to demonstrate the value of your claim to the Commissioner and maximize the true potential of the case through a full and final stipulation.

Can a full and final stipulation be used to change the way my benefits are paid?

Another valuable use of a full and final stipulation for some claimants is to change the way in which workers’ compensation benefits are paid. In some situations, an injured worker may not wish to limit workers’ compensation benefits to the customary weekly checks. A full and final stipulation can be used to accelerate the weekly checks into a lump sum that can be used for larger purchases.

How does a full and final stipulation affect my Social Security or Medicare benefits?

Workers who suffer serious injuries often receive other types of benefits, like Social Security disability benefits, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits. A full and final stipulation may affect Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid benefits. Kocian Law Group attorneys can help by applying our extensive experience to your situation. We have handled thousands of legally complicated full and final stipulations. We also strive to shelter our clients, to the fullest extent of the law, from the adverse consequences of a full and final stipulation. We will work to ensure that the effect of a full and final stipulation on any other benefits you receive is minimal.

Can a full and final stipulation help me get the job retraining I need?

Kocian Law Group attorneys can also counsel you on how best to use your case to obtain not only a settlement but, in some cases, payment of tuition at an institution of higher learning. In fact, even if you settle you your case, you may still be able to pursue job retraining through the workers’ compensation commission. At the Kocian Law Group, we will maximize your settlement and help you get a new start if necessary.