Defective and Harmful Products

At Kocian Law Group, we have been handling cases involving defective and harmful products for more than a quarter of a century. Such cases often involve complex legal issues and multiple defendants, as Connecticut law allows us to pursue a seller and distributor of defective and harmful products, as well as the manufacturer. The product liability attorneys at Kocian Law Group can effectively and aggressively pursue the responsible product seller, distributor and manufacturer.

Kocian Law Group has in-depth experience handling cases that involve defective and harmful products. In many cases where defective and harmful products are involved, such as amputation injuries, the damages may be catastrophic. A single defect in a product, such as the lack of a machine guard, can have far-reaching consequences.

In most, if not all, such cases there will be a lifetime of losses. Kocian Law Group has the knowledge to measure and value monetarily in a courtroom. A lifetime of medical expenses can be measured using accepted economic principles and data in order to ensure all damages are accounted for. Kocian Law Group’s experience in measuring such damages means that your future is financially secure and justice is served.


Our firm has handled many cases involving amputation injuries that were caused by negligence in automobile, motorcycle and defective premises accidents, as well as cases involving dangerous machinery.

Amputation injuries can also occur in situations involving medical malpractice and failure to diagnose certain medical conditions.  Contact the experienced amputation injury attorneys at the Kocian Law Group for a personalized review of your claim and a plan for recovery.


Kocian Law Group has extensive experience litigating automotive defect cases.  At the outset, it is critical to preserve the evidence in such cases. This can be difficult in cases involving catastrophic accidents and injuries, as the injured person is often incapacitated and the “evidence” often winds up in a salvage yard. Kocian Law Group will act to protect the victim’s rights and preserve the evidence.  With the aid of trained professionals and specialists, we can analyze your claim and devise a legal strategy to effectuate the highest possible recovery.


If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as the result of a defective and harmful product, Kocian Law Group has the knowledge necessary to handle your claim. Brain injuries can be either subtle - as in the case of a mild traumatic brain injury - or they can be more pronounced, like often seen in stroke victims or as a result of severe head trauma. Brain injuries also take longer to recover from than other types of injuries and can have a devastating effect on a person’s ability to carry on their daily activities and occupation.


Burns from a defective or hazardous product can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. In many instances, the evidence is destroyed. Burn treatment can require a hospital stay, skin grafts, and even plastic surgery.  Even a mild burn causes severe pain and can mean permanent scarring or disfigurement.  Companies may be responsible when their defective and hazardous products cause burn injuries.


Camping equipment may be faulty and you often won’t realize it until you are out in the woods, far from medical attention or other aid. This situation leads to camping injuries, including infection, broken limbs, shock, and other serious health issues. Some popular camping products that can be defective are:

  • Blankets - they are often liable to catch on fire easily
  • Outdoor lanterns - mechanical failures inside the lanterns can cause them to catch fire
  • Space heaters, heating and cooling packs – these tools have been known to spring leaks, thereby spilling dangerous chemicals on people
  • Tents and sleeping bags  - like blankets these can be flammable
  • Climbing gear - a person can suffer very serious injuries when their climbing gear fails

At Kocian Law Group, we understand that camping is a vulnerable experience.  We have decades of experience dealing with personal injuries as a result of defective outdoor products.


A defective car seat is a car seat that fails to work as it was intended, or that causes harm to your child.  If you were in a car accident and the car seat broke, gave out, or otherwise failed to protect your child, you may have a claim against the manufacturer or seller of the car seat.  Likewise, if the car seat broke or hurt your child while he or she was sitting in it, you may also have a defective products case, even if you were not in an accident.  Even if your child was sitting in an unmoving car, car seat parts should not fall off or break and car seats straps should not cause abrasions or strangulation. Some common car seat issues include:

  • Broken buckles
  • Handle malfunction
  • Poor construction leading to the unit falling apart
  • Not enough padding
  • Base and shell separation
  • Flammable materials
  • Harness suddenly releases

Irresponsible companies manufacture or sell defective car seats, only to recall them later.  A recall can be too late; an unsafe car seat can inflict a lifetime of damage to a child in the blink of an eye.


Companies recall children’s products every year.  It happens because children present a unique challenge to the designer.  Children are delicate and do not have the judgment of adults. They are liable to put small or broken bits of objects into their mouths, easily cut themselves on unseen jagged edges, and most of all, are unable to call for help.

Designers and manufacturers must take all of this into account in order to make safe, reliable children’s products. In addition, distributors must be sure to pull defective products from their shelves. If designers, manufacturers or distributors fail to do so, the consequences can be catastrophic. Kocian Law Group understands how companies and designers work. We will go over your medical bills and present your entire damages claim.  Designers, manufacturers, and distributors often have large, powerful interests to back them up.  Don’t be caught unprepared.


Unlike in soap operas, in real life a coma is a serious medical condition.  Most people in deep comas never wake up or fully recover. Even when recovery is possible, it is a long, slow and expensive process filled with obstacles for both the coma survivor and his or her family. Even if a person wakes from a coma, he or she is unlikely to be able to function at the same level he or she did before the coma.  Less than 10 percent of coma survivors are able to resume their lives just as they did before the coma.


Although many drugs have side effects, some are unacceptable. Pharmaceutical companies are required to divulge side effects. Drugs can be dangerous in three ways: recalls, defects, and false advertising.

A drug that has been recalled has been taken back by its producers. A company outright admits that a recalled drug is dangerous. A defective drug is a drug that does not work as it was intended.  Sometimes, a batch of a drug may be defective rather than the whole line.  So, while Drug A normally works well, you may receive a batch of Drug A that was somehow tainted, rendering it either ineffective or dangerous.

A falsely advertised drug is a drug that cannot do what its makers claim it can. This can lead to ineffective treatment and a host of side effects from undisclosed properties of the drug.  If a company falsely advertises a drug, you could waste time and money, as well as poorly treat your condition.  Many conditions worsen if they are not immediately treated.  Do not let drug companies get away with inflicting long term health issues on you. Contact the Kocian Law Group for a full evaluation of your claims.


The eyes are not just the windows to the soul, but also the windows to our lives. Any damage to the eyes severely impacts a person’s ability to function in society.  Loss of eyesight can mean loss of job, financial security, and enjoyment of daily activities.  At Kocian Law Group, we will aggressively pursue your eye injury case.


You should feel safe at work. The law requires a safe workplace. However, many accidents occur in an industrial setting. This is because the tools and products used in such settings are liable to be defective and, as industrial products are often powerful products, products meant for bending steel and sawing and cutting, the injuries sustained from such accidents can be catastrophic.  If you have been harmed by industrial products and equipment, call Kocian Law Group.


The products you depend on for health and quality of life should be dependable.  Manufacturers are required to ensure that all products are safe and useable.  Similarly, doctors must install devices correctly or face medical malpractice liability.  If any have failed in this duty, you may have a right to compensation.


Nerve damage can have catastrophic consequences.  The nerves control all manner of bodily functions and responses.  If someone else’s negligence or dangerous product has caused damage to your nerves or nervous system, call Kocian Law Group. Some common causes of nerve damage are:

  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Bone marrow harvests
  • Surgical malpractice, especially spinal surgery
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Erb’s Palsy

Kocian Law Group can help you recoup your losses as well as get money for future treatment and therapy.  In addition, we can help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering, your loss of quality of life, and your inability to perform tasks that used to be simple.  Nerve damage can often be permanent.  If someone has caused you this type of harm, you owe it to yourself to seek justice.


Once you have endured a spinal cord injury, walking, sitting, standing and many other daily tasks become complicated and difficult. Extreme pain, or even paralysis, can prevent you from enjoying your life as you did before the injury. If you have suffered spine damage or paralysis as the result of someone else’s negligence, or as the result of a defective product, call Kocian Law Group.


Vaccinations are meant to prevent illness.  However, serious illnesses and injuries can occur due to faulty vaccines.  When you accept a vaccine, for yourself or for your child, you put your trust in doctors, drug manufacturers, and drug distributors.  These providers were supposed to ensure your safety, and yet they failed.  Kocian Law Group believes that failure this serious, which impacts a person’s health and life, should have consequences.

If you have been injured by a vaccine, or believe you have been injured by a vaccine, contact the Kocian Law Group.


Whatever your legal concerns may be regarding any type of defective and harmful products, the product liability lawyers at Kocian Law Group can help you find the best solution for your situation. Contact Kocian Law Group at 1-860-730-6100, or online.